In collaboration with design studio Experimental this summer ‘18 was presented GLASS art objects’ collection consisting of hemisphere shaped glass mirrors in mouth-blown glass setting and spherical vases combining with different marble type Bases. during her Artists residency in Japan Baiba carried this idea further including these designs in 'BORN IN JAPAN’ Limited Edition Glass Art Objects’ collection with mystical reference to starry nebulas theme. Mixing pigments of black, nude and others, Baiba has created tonally mesmerising glass objects resembling far-away galaxies as taken by Hubble telescope. There are sets of small vanity mirrors & one-flower vases in tonalities ranging from dreamy nudes, soft pink, to sun orange, deep blue and black. This collection of vanity mirrors and accessories are continuation based on the design of SMALL MOON MIRROR by designer Sabine Mezkaze (Experimental). Baiba’s focal point in her product design is balance of beauty, function and frequency of usage. Creating cosmetics mirror sets in mouth-blown glass bold in appearance and also useful in everyday life for a over-the-top esthete is a dream come true for Baiba and her clients. 

explore more unique glass art pieces from this collaboration and other designs created by sabine Mezkaze at experimental studio.

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Festive season catalogue


Glass art objects collection