"Baiba glass" brand was founded in 2016 in Riga, Latvia. Created by glass artist and designer Baiba Dzenite. In 2017 she graduated with a master's degree in glass art at the Art academy of Latvia. During her time studying at the Academy, she developed an interest in hot glass techniques as well as combining glass with other materials. Throughout these years Baiba has created her own unique techniques for working with glass, which she develops to expend the range of the brand's products. 

From the time of her studies, Baiba has worked with different studios and their glassblowers in Latvia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic. She has also participated in various international glass art exhibitions and symposiums in Europe.

Inspired by nature in the Baltic's, "Baiba glass" products are handcrafted to represent local glass traditions in a contemporary way.



This glassware product line is inspired by two phenomena that happens in nature - fog and dew. The Collection offers four different formed vases and a dish for fruits and snacks. Each product is made from free formed blown glass that reveals the plasticity and brilliant shine of the glass through special imprints, where the glass once touched metal. An old Latvian linen processing tool was used to achieve this imprint.


collection "celestial"

This hot poured glass collection is intended for tea candles as well as long candles. Every candle holder has a unique air bubble imprint captured inside. Available in different forms and dimensions. They are easily combinable. Made from solid glass making them more stable and durable than blown glass candle holders.  A single mould is used in the preparation of the glass cubes, after which they are cut, ground and polished to attain the crystal clear brilliance of this material. The collection is already available for purchase in Latvia and Denmark.